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The Shadowy World of Pornography

Jonathan Riley

“Pornography’s profits shouldn’t come at the expense of human suffering.” – Jonathan Riley

As our digital world has grown and become more globalised, few industries have grown and made as much money as the pornography industry. The internet, once a place for innocent communication, now contains a vast amount of explicit content. What’s astonishing is the immense amount of money involved in this industry. While some view it as entertainment or a brief escape, for others, it can be a source of profound suffering, exploitation, and lasting trauma.

To begin with, consider this – the global pornography industry is estimated to be worth a staggering $97 billion. That’s more than the combined revenues of popular platforms like Netflix, Microsoft, and Nike. The enormity of that figure is beyond comprehension. You might wonder: How did we reach this point?

Every second, approximately $3,075 is spent on pornography. This means that while you took a minute to read the above paragraph, the industry made a whopping $184,500. With over 40 million regular users in the United States alone, it’s clear that the consumption of porn is relentless.

But where there’s money, especially this kind of staggering wealth, there are always darker stories that lurk in the shadows. The exterior of this industry is glossed over with glamour, appeal, and freedom of choice. However, the inner workings tell a different story, one of manipulation, coercion, and exploitation.

Many performers are introduced to the industry under vulnerable circumstances. Some are battling financial hardships, while others are looking for a quick escape from life’s struggles. Often, they are lured in with promises of quick money, fame, and a life of luxury. But the reality is far from this painted picture.

Once inside, many actors and actresses face aggressive tactics by producers who are eager to meet the insatiable demand for new content. They’re often pushed to their physical and emotional limits, performing acts they’re uncomfortable with or hadn’t initially agreed to. For many, their introduction to the industry begins with trauma, and their journey within it is marred with further emotional and sometimes physical harm.

It’s easy to brush aside these concerns, thinking, “They chose this life.” But think about the countless people who didn’t. The world of pornography is rife with non-consensual videos, revenge porn, and hidden cameras. These are people whose lives were turned upside down, their most intimate moments exposed without their knowledge or consent. These videos also contribute to a massive profit.

Moreover, it’s not just the performers who suffer. The ripple effect of pornography affects relationships, mental health, and societal perceptions of intimacy and sexuality. Thousands struggle with addiction, unable to form genuine bonds with their partners. Marriages have crumbled, and young minds have been warped with unrealistic and often toxic views on relationships and sex. All of these changes in society and emotions feed the cycle, as many people turn back to the same content to find comfort, escape, or understanding.

It’s not just the financial figures that are astounding. Popular pornographic websites rank among the top global websites, with billions of page views every month. This popularity gives them immense power and influence over internet trends, behaviours, and, most worryingly, societal norms.

This influence isn’t passive. Every click, view, or download is driven by algorithms designed to keep users engaged longer, to keep them coming back, and to push them deeper into the world of explicit content. The more intense, diverse, and extreme the content, the more views it garners, leading producers to constantly push boundaries to deliver.

In summary, the porn industry making billions of dollars isn’t just about smart business; it also shows how it takes advantage of society’s hidden problems. It’s good at using the internet to make money, but it harms vulnerable people in the process. The dark underbelly of this profit machine is a complex web of exploitation, trauma, and societal implications. As the numbers continue to rise, it’s essential for us to understand the true cost of every click.

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