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Are You Living Your Best Life?

Welcome to this Life Satisfaction Survey. This tool is designed to help you reflect on your overall satisfaction with different aspects of your life. Understanding your level of satisfaction can guide personal growth and highlight areas that may need more attention. Answer as honestly as possible to gain the most from this survey.

1. I am satisfied with my personal relationships.

2. I feel that my life is going well.

3. I am satisfied with my current level of physical health.

4. I have a good balance between work and leisure.

5. I feel financially secure.

6. I am happy with where I live.

8. I am satisfied with my professional development.

9. I have enough time for personal interests and hobbies.

10. I feel valued by society.

11. I usually feel optimistic about my future.

12. I feel respected by others.

13. I am content with my level of education and training.

1. I am satisfied with my personal relationships.

15. I feel that I have control over my life.

16. I am satisfied with my spiritual life.

17. I have strong, supportive friendships.

18. I am generally happy with my appearance.

19. I feel that my opinions are heard and considered by others.

20. I am able to handle stress effectively.