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How Do You Feel About Yourself?

Welcome to the Self-Esteem Self-Assessment. This tool is designed to help you reflect on your current level of self-esteem. Understanding your self-esteem can guide you in personal development and help you seek appropriate support if needed.

Instructions: Please read each statement and rate how frequently it applies to you.

1. Do you often feel like you are not good enough?

2. Do you frequently criticize yourself for your mistakes?

3. Do you feel undeserving of love and respect from others?

4. Do you struggle to accept compliments or positive feedback?

5. Do you feel ashamed of your thoughts or feelings?

6. Do you find it hard to forgive yourself for past mistakes?

7. Do you often compare yourself negatively to others?

8. Do you avoid social situations because of fear of judgment?

9. Do you feel like a failure in different aspects of your life?

10. Do you experience feelings of worthlessness or hopelessness?

11. Do you often think that others see you as inferior or flawed?

12. Do you have difficulty setting healthy boundaries with others?

13. Do you feel responsible for things that go wrong, even if they are not your fault?

14. Do you avoid taking risks because you fear failure?

15. Do you feel like you are pretending to be someone you're not to gain acceptance?

16. Do you find it hard to express your true feelings to others?

17. Do you feel overwhelmed by guilt, even for small things?

18. Do you often hide your true self to avoid rejection?

19. Do you struggle with self-care because you don't feel you deserve it?

20. Do you feel like you have to be perfect to be accepted?