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Self-Assessment for Stress and Anxiety

Welcome to our Stress and Anxiety Self-Assessment. This questionnaire has been designed to help you understand your current levels of stress and anxiety. While this assessment is not a diagnostic tool, it can serve as a starting point for understanding and addressing your emotional well-being.

Instructions: Please answer each question as honestly as possible, bearing in mind your feelings and experiences over the past two weeks.

1. I feel nervous, anxious or on edge.

2. I become easily annoyed or irritable.

3. I have trouble falling or staying asleep.

4. I have difficulty concentrating on tasks.

5. I worry about different things.

6. I feel restless or have trouble sitting still.

7. I experience headaches, chest pains, or muscle tension.

8. I avoid situations that make me anxious.

9. I have been feeling afraid as if something awful might happen.

10. I feel overwhelmed by everyday tasks and responsibilities.

11. I find myself feeling fatigued or low on energy.

12. I feel detached or disconnected from myself or my surroundings.

13. I experience sudden rushes of intense fear or discomfort.

14. I have persistent, excessive or unrealistic worries.

15. I often replay upsetting events in my mind.

16. I have been eating more or less than usual.

17. I've been feeling more pessimistic or negative than usual.

18. I feel my life is uncontrollable or unpredictable.

19. I constantly worry about my health.

20. I feel as though my anxiety is affecting my quality of life.